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BB Update:
FOTFLTIP (fall on the floor laughing till I puke)

Sometimes these guys kill me. I gotta say that CBS delivered a dam good show last night. But lets clear up a few things...
1. Potty Mouth was just as helpful in the dev of the song as anyone could be in the shadow of Mr. Opera boy. Curtis clearly lead the song-writen show but Ed-man was not just a sitten on the floor play'en with pug the whole time!!!
2. Space Man Elmer - the goob from plan 9 - makes stinky tonic. By the time he completed the laughing fit following the tumble out of the 'capsule' the stench from the tonic had cleared the house...
Did you see that segment !!!! The 1.5 liter pop bottle that freak'en LAUNCHED towards the ceiling cam after it fell to the floor… holy crap! That was awesome. (WOW is just not a strong enough term - if it had a little angle on it we would have seen it do some serious traveling across the room!!

Now, BB is getting a little more cautious with Elmer. I'm not sure if they should be keeping an ambulance on stand-by or just issue him some Xanax and some nitroglycerin tabs. Two nights ago BB scared that living shit out of George... everybody is lazing around the house just taking it easy. Elmer is sweeping the floor (Here u go Half Wits, A dog, a bunch of live chickens, and a broom - could they not dig deep for a single product placement like "Kirby" or "Filter Queen" - can U spell Vacuum?) Anyways, he's sweeping all nice a relaxed. GEORGE! Says BB over the internal PA. Well, after Elmer cleaned up the poop he unloaded and recovered enough to acknowledge that he had been paged (he actually SCREAMED in fear) and after the other HWs finally stopped laughing their collective head off (note: Between the bunch I'm thinking 'head' in the singular would work) BB came back on and asked Elmer if he was a little 'jumpy' today? He said that yes he was - he's a little high strung on all the wonderful things that keep happening to him. After all that, silence. BB comes on again and in a very quiet melodic tone enquires as to whether or not Elmer could come get new batteries for his mic.

Now, Elmer is still slipping into some kind of a 'osis' or something they teach you in 3rd year psych. Heres a direct quote from the live feed transcripts after Lipgloss asks him what colour he wants her to dye his hair:
"Any colour," responds George. "We're not picky."
Please note the royal WE!!
Or how about this quote:
He gets up and looks at himself in the bathroom mirror. Now he is actually
shaving the hair off his arm with a pink lady's razor.
The 'shudder' was supplied by the transcriber and I whole heartedly sympathize with this little chill.

Now to get back briefly to the bored camera people, I want to ensure that I give equal time it's due. Lipgloss is not the only target of the slow pan body walk of the lens. Yesterday the cam was checking the HWs outside and suddenly zooms up on Josh (shirtless of course) and starts at his neck then slowly pans his 'well muscled' torso lingering on his nipple for enough time to get some good commentary from the transcribers.

So, this is going to have to wrap up again... where does the time go? Good drama yesterday afternoon by the way. The HWs were sequestered in the girls room for something and Jamie hears a plane. Thinking Banner Time, she gets a little antsy and ends up saying she wants to go look - remember that the BB has told 'em to sit tight! Before she ACTUALLY LEAVES the bedroom, she says "Somebody come with ..." and of course idiot-boy Josh goes with her. They spit on BB by leaving the room and looking at the banner... Yes there was a nice banner for Elmer flying, something about "Canada Loves George, will send Canadian beer!". The banner made ol Elmer feel super. This all happened after the singers sang their song (the words they made up for the BB theme song). They had been informed that the reward was a 'dance party tomorrow night' and they were all busy picking music to hear. (note: Lets see, four boiz and Lipgloss... "Gee, how would that look!") Anyways, BB came on later to say that the reward was CANCELLED BECAUSE THE HWs HAD DISOBEYED BB by leaving the bedroom to look at the banner. Josh was so freaking pissed that he ended up in the Redrum with the BB head shrinker for 30 minutes.

Believe me when I tell you that there is still so much content that I'm wishing for serious spare time to write. I cannot believe that every show is not a scream! 'cause the HWs have been doing some really bizarre stuff that would make for good tv (a little profane, but none-the-less good!)

C ya later...

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