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BB2 Update!

BB2 Update : Kent! HoH or Drug Lord?

The fun never stops in the ant farm... well actually, BB locked everyone in a room and sprayed for ants.... so maybe the house-mats are the only ants left.

The Saturday show was the nomination show... or the "Flex It If You Got It" show. Kent as the HoH is doing his best flex yet. It was all about Kent tonight... the guy who, as the live feed transcribers love to remind us, never washes his hands after going to the bathroom. (note that this is a particularly humorous part of the live feed thing... the details that get recorded... "so-and-so comes out of the wc and returns to the kitchen - did not wash hands") Furthermore, he goes on to say - on a live feed - that he and his brother grew seven foot pot plants in their bathroom with the windows blacked out… I wonder if the DEA has been to his brothers house yet…

Super Quick Epi Review

CBS had two tasks to get through: the food challenge and the nominations. They, of course, filled the hour with the deep intrigue of the Rhodes scholars. Kent, the man that has never uttered the phrase "You can't fix that with duct tape." wins HoH and immediately doffs the robe and slippers, grabs a cigar and mini Champaign bottle and heads for the hot tub (the steaming cesspool of germs) barking orders with a smile.

The food competition was something with an Egyptian theme. What we see and what actually happens is amazingly different. The food competition starts with BB waking up the house-mats at an early hour and moving them all into a bedroom for "lockdown" while something is setup in the house or the yard. They are usually woken up with the warning that the lockdown is in 30 minutes or something... then they wait like 3 hours before it comes along... By the time they record the scene we see on TV they have rehearsed it and are doing it for the umpteeth time.

They kids had to answer groovy questions to "win" a specific food group for the week. Mike won starches, Nicole wins vegetables, Hardy wins meat, Will wins seafood, and Bunky wins sweets. Monica, however, looses dairy and Krysta looses fruits.

MMM (The Most Memorable Moment)
Sorry, I'm sure it's just me, but every time I see Will walk past Bunky I am struck with the image of them as such incredible opposites. They spent a lot of time in little clothing this show. Will has the thickest hair every to grow on a white guy yet shaves every other hair on his body off on a daily basis. Bunky, on the other hand, shaves his head while sporting enough body hair to do stand-ins for a Sasquatch.

TP (Tear Patrol)
At one point we are treated to the scene of Kent returning to the HoH room to find his HoH gift - all HoH's get some sort of a treat from home. His is a few pictures and crafts from his kids... he tears up real well.

Mostly there is anger, resentment and apathy through the zone... in-so-far-as the house-mats have basically tossed the teary-folk out on their asses.

The girls; Monica - Miss Invisible, Nicole - Super Chef, Krista - My Girl! are playing the game like real pro's. Nicole is earning her keep as a the cook for all occasions and basically being Kent's best buddy. The two of them have sat around diss'ing Krista for days, and now the fact that Monica is being a good friend to Krista has put her on Kent's shit list. Oh, and Krista, true to form, appeared at the nomination meeting dressed only in a towel around her bod, and another around her head.

Sheesh... can Mike be any more of a total wiener? They had this "craft" thing going on where each house-mat get's to make a mosaic tile in clay... everybody hits the creative edge while Mike makes a pathetic attempt to win Krista. He makes a big ugly heart with Krista's name on it... truly sucky. Note that he goes on to wear a borrowed-from-Will Japanese Kimono and bed himself down in Krista's cot awaiting a little plutonic (yea right) sleepy time spoon action. She lets him wait half the night and then gives him a sleepy moment of cuddle as a pure and simple "cave-in".

Speaking of late nights... these idiots stay up till 4 every night plotting and scheming...

Will tries to fly low and is absolutely dumb struck that Kent nominates Mike and Krista... versus Will and anybody. At one point, Kent seriously discussed the prospect of nominating Mike and Bunky - then staging a fight with Bunky - but fortunately for Bunky they didn't follow through.... Bunky would have been wiped. Will pulls the first key from the nomination box and spends the last moments of the show in silence considering how evil he feels for striking a deal with Kent to not nominate Kent if he gets HoH in exchange for a pass tonight. But, just like Hardy's attempt at the same deal with Mike... Kent never had any intention of voting for Will and Will - unlike Mike - did not get this... He (Will) is not too smart.

Bunky. His best moment coming when he comments to Kent that BB thinks he's a bit fruity.... BB gave Kent a bunch of fresh strawberries and blueberries in the HoH treasure trove... "hmmmm very Fruity eh Kent". Otherwise, the Bunkster is basically fulfilling his role as everybody's lap dog. Especially Kent.

Hardy is way out of focus tonight. His moment in the sun came during durring the food competition. Massive body flex after winning meat food group.

Tactical Report

Ok so chill town is Will and Mike. The "reals" are Kent and Nicole and Bunky. That leaves Krista and Monica and Hardy.
Krista and Mike are nom'ed.
The only voters are Will, Nicole, Monica, Hardy and Bunky.
So far it looks like this:
Will votes Krista (but maybe Mike to earn Krista and Monica's vote in the future).
Nicole will vote Mike... period.
Monica... votes Mike... period.
Hardy votes hmmmm.....
Bunky votes Mike... Period.

It's not looking good for Mike at this stage.

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