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bb2 update...

BB2 Update: Thursday at the Loser Lounge

The race is on!

The Money Race
The filly and the stallion were running neck and neck, presumably to give "photofinish" dibs to the HoH. However Hardy's hopes to deliver the killing blow were undone by the odds' makers' mistrust of a sure thing. Shannon, the dandy show jumper of a girl, the girl with a neck the same size as her thigh, left the racetrack under a 6-0 harness.

The Steeple Chase
Lining up all the full stable, less the current HoH (Hardy), the Race Masters sent the horses (house-mats) up and down across an obstacle course of questions whose answers were given by stepping up for higher and stepping down for lower. First place gets the HoH job, while place, show and everybody else get's nadda!

The number of cots in the house is h or l than 3?
(everybody gets this...)
The number of slots in the toaster is h or l than 3?
(amazingly, only Kent, Nicole and Mike get this right...)
The number of articles of clothing exchanged in the "cross dressing" competition was h or l than 4?
(Shorts, shirt and hat! They all get this...)
The number of tennis balls caught by the house-mats in the baseball competition was h or l than 39?
(It was 33 and they all get it wrong...)
The number of burners on the stove is h or l than 3?
(Cook much? All get this right.)
The number of seconds the men had to stay on the mech. bull was h or l that 15?
(Nicole has a brain fart and forgets which way to step to indicate her answer... and it's down to Kent and Mike)
Brining it to a final fence... a sudden death round...
The cost of groceries purchased from the baseball completion results?
Mike, true to his nature, assumes he will win because of the failure of others so he guesses a low number ($187) thinking Kent will be too high. Kent tries to get it right... guesses $700. It was $1010...

Kent is the Head of Household...

Last race in the Trifecta?
The America's Choice question this week will be "Which house-mat should get a three minute call from home...?" They introduced this by showing us video segments of each house-mat saying who they miss the most... Will misses his pet turtle the most. I can't see the turtle being very talkative on that call...
Note that the America's Choice is a money grab (just like the live feeds) with people paying $0.99 per vote via a phone-in.

Any ways... I haven't had any time to see the transcripts in the last few days... so I'm way behind!

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