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G'Mornin Lj

ok... I know that's a serious big goofy grin in my face... but ... umm... well, today's a good day!
I'm still on vacation, my gut's not hurting right now, the boiz are at my moms house and Z is a work. Wohoo! I'm actually alone in my own house.. this has happened like maybe (seriously) 4 times in the last 5 years...

~ gray f.t.l. boxers and new white sox
~ big comfy orange shirt... (it's all about the orange ... eh ly baby?)
~ jeans... it's actually kinda cool outside today... after the heat of the last week... this is bliss!
~ to cut a bunch of wood with a borrowed saber saw re: kids play room shelves...
~ oh,... and to go to the train station with the boiz this afternoon to take my sis to her train... she's going east. The boiz 'el love the train station.
~ and, of course, to watch the BB2 live show (or the "bb2 looser lounge" episode)
~ that people would start thinking about the amazing amount of work it has taken the peeps behind Lj to make this place function over the last year and half... paid account or free... it doesn't matter... stop bitchen. Where were your comments when it was working fast after new servers were brought on-line.
~ I could have a day to myself once a week... that would be shhhhweeeet!

K, later Lj... got's loads to do... peace yo!
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