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BB2 Update!

BB2 Update: Boob's 'el only get ya so far!

Well the Tuesday epi of BB2 was all about the downfall of Chill-Town... well actually the "fall from grace" of Miss. Shannon. She's definitely been elected by CBS to carry the title of The Most Childish Spiteful Woman In America.

The Epi In Review

First of all....
//rant on
What a bunch of totally pathetic mind numbing retards. Spend a half a year competing to get on the game, start the game and suddenly decide to be bummed because it's not summer camp. It's a game designed to pit person against person, based on conflict... get with the program.
//rant off

Tuesdays are basically "fill yer boots with tape edits" nights. We were treated to footage of the stupidest luxury challenge ever. David Letterman wouldn't even run this one. Reading it in the live feed posts left me totally confused but seeing it worked. The idea was that the kids were separated into two groups of 4 (two blues and two reds per team). Then each team put their like-color teams at opposite ends of a clothesline... one line per team. The house-mats were dressed in shorts, shirts, and hats of a color (red or blue) and had to send articles of clothing back and forth across the clothes line and ultimately end up switching outfits... CBS cheekily called it the "cross dressing" challenge. With the range of house-mat personalities at their disposal, you'd think they could have worked the cross-dressing theme better.
Shannon, Bunky, Kent and Nicole won and got to get their laundry professionally cleaned. I guess in contrast to using a washboard and a wringer... this would be a good thing.

The rest of the show was basically a bitch fest... various taped bits presented to show off the situation with how marvelously (sarcasm!!!) Shannon is taking her nomination.

MMM (most memorable moment)
Hardy is a bit of a power-slut. This is wickedly obvious from the live feeds... it's not such a bad thing - it's fun to watch him revel in the HoH position... At one point, after the noms, we are treated to a scene where he's at the bathroom mirror, grooming, and Shannon is getting out of the shower or whatever and as she walks past him... he is just laughing - out loud - at her... totally torturing her. She, of course, is super easily teased and this all precedes the toothbrush incident. His laughing at her is just priceless.

TP (tear patrol)
Well the only real tear action we were given in this show was watching Hardy in a hammock with Nicole... Hardy starts blubbering - in a macho controlled fashion - saying "This has turned me into an ugly person." (and all the girls say... "yea! that's gonna happen... now go and make pepsi commercials will ya."


Ok, my girl, Krista... she's got this darling herpes cole sore on her lip... she's pms-ing wicked hard and she's trying to stay in the Switzerland of the BB2 house. This is not working well for her right now... however, I still think the game is going to be won by either her or Monica... The other house-mats are really riding her hard. They don't portray her very well in this episode but the Live Feeds show an even nastier bit of Krista bashing... not fair. I want her to win and bring that beautiful face to TV all the time... I wannaa daaaate her (reference to the ditty Sandra Bullock sings in "miss congeniality")

Monica? She's black not invisible... holy schmooly she is just totally remaining under all radar screens and utterly without incident. Only one "almost" moment...
Bunky delivers this oh-my-god long involved, crying while being delivered sermon from the mount of a pre-meal prayer. Shannon, Mike and Will (and Krista) are all just frigging dying trying not to laugh. Only Krista manages to keep a lid on it... the other three each let out little snickers. Now, I'm telling ya, if it was me at the table I would have burst out laughing my ass off hard! But that would have been because the Bunkster was crying away while he thanked the lord for the food. Will managed to say a nicely phrased bit of honesty when he commented that he thought Bunky was trying to be funny... 'cause dam...the prayer just went on and on and on. HOWEVER, Monica spoke up after the prayer giv'en 'em hell for snickering and the look on her face would have melted my laughing ass into the Ikea furniture. She is a remarkably cool cucumber.

Speaking of cucumbers... Shannon needs to be held down and ... ok, that's maybe not fair... but still and all... what a bitch. This girl has issues. I think this is an example of arrested development in grade 6. As described in the last update, she is shown taking Hardy's toothbrush and cleaning out the toilet with it. The best part is her getting caught and being unable to fess up effectively to Hardy... she just keeps falling back on a really lame attempt to call him a coward ... a coward for playing the game ... she just does not like - or is not used to - losing. Period. She will go down in history as the sore loser-girl.

Nicole, a personal chef, is doing great. Not a lot to say about her... she cooks, she cleans, she plays the game. She's hired. (hehe).

Mike and Will - a couple of likely candidates for positions as Roman Emperors - sit around and discuss the virtues of putting Shannon up for total sacrifice. Bastards... Mike say's, about Hardy... "It's time he learned that there is a reason some people own the bar and others work there. Again, really sour grapes in their little world.

Bunky and Kent are sitting around talking... and guess what (like this is a big surprise) ... Bunky stopped his prozac treatments so he wouldn't be disqualified from going on BB ... and Kent managed to become depressed while taking Zoloft. wow... and CBS screened these guys in from a playing field of 3400 people? wow wow wow.

Kent on life in the BB house: "this really is a life altering event - weather it be you get something at the end of this, or if it just changes your perception of your family and those around you, because your stuck in here with all these num-nuts."

And this exchange (cribbed from the live feed transcripts) just made me laugh:

Hardy (to Kent) - so you are perceived as the dad, the funny guy.
Bunky (to Hardy) - I bet your perceived as the smart funny witty jock
Nichole - I don't really give a f' what anyone thinks of me, I don't care how I look - it's all surreal to me, this is how I am - this is what I do.
Kent - how do you want to be portrayed?
Bunky - as a bad ass prison bear - seriously I don't really care, they are going to show me as a flamer - and that's ok - sometimes I torch it but you know what I just try to be a nice guy.
Hardy - looks aren't everything
Bunky - thank god
Nichole - ya hardy looks aren't everything (hahahaha)
Hardy - the funny thing is Bunky thinks I'll be perceived as a smart jock - but initially they thought I was a dumb jock
Kent - what has he done to dispel that myth????
Nichole - nothing is coming to mind
Hardy leaves.
Kent - where were we - oh ya Hardy is dumb as a box of rock

Oh, and Bunky? this guy farts so loud the entire house shakes like it's a scene from an episode of the Simpsons. Funny thing about Bunky... He's always going on about not being here to "represent the gay community" however, he's always saying "we say this..." or "we do that..." when describing some homosexual related issue that pops up...

Tactical Report
Believe it or not... there is a lot of talk between the house-mats about expelling Will just to torture Shannon. Now, I don't know if they can stand to do this... the idea being to split the vote and leave the choice up to Hardy. Personally I hope Shannon goes... Will is too dam fun to watch. Although the frequent thong shots of Shannon aren't too tough to take, really this is a question of the game and I'm pretty confident that Will will make for a better game.

The real fun will be if Bunky gets the next HoH... or gasp if Will stays, and he gets HoH... hahahaha that would be soooo rich.

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