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Hey LJ. Life is (of course) grand. Somebody out there must be suffering 'cause I'm having way too much fun for this to be fair. So if your that person, let me know and I'll do what I can to share the vibes.
Got kids? ever heard of HFM Disease (hand foot mouth) ... it's rather nominal... no special drugs, breaks out as an epidemic every 3 years or so and let me tell ya IT SUCKS THE BIG ONE!. Normally, it only hits the kiddies *(10 and under). My two year old got it... we were thinking it was another yeast infection which would have been fine... little prescribed cream and BANG yer done. But noooooooooooo. NO magic cream and junior gets these vicious sores in HIS MOUTH (phuk) poor little goob. I was doing the daddy cuddle for two and a half hours last night (and the night before) from 12:00 mid to 2:30 in the morning... junior's just wailing... something a bottle has hither-too effectively resolved pronto but put a kanchor from hell on his tongue and the bottle is just not gonna do it for 'em. So we carry, walk and cuddle for ever - or at least it feels that way... My ears are still ringing.
Anyways, it's been getting better and I hope its over soon... 'course now the older one is showing the tell tail signs of getting his dose of this and he can cry louder! Lots of yawning going on here.

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