Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Heart stopping action ...

Nobody got hurt. ok!

So we decide to go for a walk... which means Geo and Ed don their helmets and mount up; Geo on the two wheeler with trainers and Ed on his trike. Z and I are armed with fresh mugs of coffee and off we go.

We live on a crescent. Long straight street with curves at either end. Geo - Mr. Speedster - gets to the top of the street way ahead and is waiting most of the way around the curve ... on the outside edge facing oncoming traffic. Not that theres much traffic ... The rest of us are mosy'en along prodding Mr. Slowpoke on his trike. It's a constant struggle to keep Ed at the side of the road.

There are just enough kids on our street at the end of their high school career that we have to be alert for the "speeding around the corner" set, out for a boot in dad's car... you know what I mean...

As we catch up to Geo we cross to the right side of the street and hear Geo prompting Ed to "show me how ffffaaassstttt you can go Ed". This usually gets Ed to put on his big concentrating face and boogy. Geo turns from his side of the road and HEADS DIRECTLY ACROSS THE ROAD.

A car was coming. Zebra just let out this horrific whooop of a noise... not a yell, not his name... just a strangled, gut wrenching whooooping noise as the image of Geo spattered on the grill of this car flooded her lobes.

The driver was a woman three doors down and across and we all know each other. She anticipated Geo's move and was ready for the stop.. Bless her heart to heaven and beyond.

I took Geo off his bike and made him walk it home... We just went over the rules of the road and I told him that he is off the bike until he passes a test on road safety with me. I intend to drill this stuff into his head until it's driving him nuts. I soooo do not want to be the subject of a page 5 newspaper story.

On a lighter note.. We have giant rocks (boulders?) arranged in a garden on our front lawn. Ed thinks of them as his pirate ship. We're home from the walk, and Ed has a fly swatter pushed through his shorts like a sheathed sword. A kid a few doors down calls out to say Hi to Edward. Ed calls back... "I'm on my ship!"... the other kid says "WHAT?" So Ed starts yelling at the top of his little bitty lungs.. "SHIP... SHIP ... SHIP..."

Needless to say Z and I both jumped up to yell out that Ed was on his BOAT!!!

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