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BB2 Update!

BB2 Update: Vengeance Is Mine Say'eth the Hardy.

This was definitely the Hardy show on Saturday night. We were treated to a brilliant bit of editing and "issue's avoidance" by the magi's at CBS. Everybody had fun tonight... 'specially me.

Epi Review
BB gave us a lot of a little bit of everything tonight. We had the whole gang playing catch with a parking lot filled with ball-machines pulled over from the CBS Staff Tennis courts. This was the food competition... with the house-mats writing food ideas on 27 balls and those being mixed with 273 other balls then the bunch being shot over the wall at the kids. Lots of rules about not touching a ball that touches the ground.

We were not treated to the looks of terror that greeted the warning of PB&J for anyone caught breaking a ball-rule. The gang is all in reasonable food for the week... so I'm expecting a rigged comp to land the boiz in PB&J next week. Note that these are some real wack jobs when it comes to food desires... "protein powder" "Asparagus" "Soy Nuts" ... sheesh.

The kids also met the newest losers... the two nominations were made and, as expected, Will and Shannon made the cut. Hardy was just in his frigging glory throughout the show but never so much as while the keys were getting pulled. The lovebirds are showing amazing plumage right now... but more on that in a moment.

MMM (most memorable moment)
Ok, this is hard... there were a few really good ones... it's a toss up.

We have Shannon admitting on National TeeeVeee that her real world boi-friend is a dick... and that she's "moved on". Some where out there this guy is sitting by himself crushing beer cans on his forehead. This, btw, is prol'y the only way he will be able to cover the giant L that has emerged there...

And then there's Bunky. I mean "Kent's Bitch"... I almost spat Green Tea out my nose when they showed Bunky bedding down on the floor at the foot of Kent's bed. Is this guy a passive submissive or what?

TPP (the tear patrol)
Besides watching Shannon cry about totally ruining the next three years of her Real World boy friends life.... we got to see Nichole bawling her eyes out in the diary room (DR) over having voted for Autumn...

Oh geez... you should see this Will guy go... he is like a peacock puffing up and ruffling his feathers at every turn.... we got a upper torso shot of him doing dead lifts with the weight bar... except CBS didn't show the weights... so you're left with the image of his totally crazed facial expressions filling the screen. hahaha.

Bunky says something about hoping the girls don't loose another food comp and end up on PB&J again... he mentions the word compassion a couple of times... Well! we get to see Hardy just shedding all possible traces of compassion (let alone body hair... Hardy and Bunky in the same room is a real exercise in opposites... Hardy? totally hairless - 'cept for the healthy locks, Bunky? As much body hair as a room full of Italians.) Hardy ended up in a room with Bunky extracting guarantee's that he (bunky) will not throw a competition to favor the girls...

CBS helps up believe that Kent and Bunky have the 'surprising friendship'.... they do have a master / slave relationship but the real love story is with Hardy. Bunky keeps bugging Hardy. Now - following the nominations - we have Shannon (in the live feed transcripts) telling the group that Hardy must be gay because he's voting off the best babe... (oh pawleeese!).

Will makes a little speech about how the nomination was a mistake for Hardy. He (Will) points out that by nominating two people that have a thing going on basically ensures that one of those two will be here after the eviction of the other to take revenge... or as Will phrased it "to come back and stab you in the heart twice as hard."

Ok, dig this... at one point Shannon (the girl that brought, um... about three hundred bathing suits into the BB house) mentions that she has to go shave her bikini line... Can you just imagine the sudden foot steps throughout the walls of the BB house as the camera men line up...

Have you noticed Krista in the "towel" outfit each time there's a nomination meeting? This is because Friday is Towel day for her in the BB house... I think it's kinda cute... but then again, I'm pretty well hooked on her...

At some point in the show... everyone (kent, C-T, etc.) is complaining about how Nichole is playing to win... I just don't get how this kind of thing can be a problem for anyone.

Now about Shannon... the show spent some time making sure we were totally sick of her shit. She was really being portrayed as a bitch one minute and white trash then next. They (CBS) must have played the part of her laughing this amazingly annoying cackle a million times as she "tried smoking" to appear as a "joiner" with some other house-mats... Ok - I need to stress that this was a horrendous laugh, the others were just sitting there stunned at her performance.

Her story does not end here... from the live feeds we get a glimpse at some choice moments... and I'm not kidding here... Shannon and Will make some agreement that she is going to draw votes to ensure Will stays... (wow, is this guy good or what?) So Shannon goes into the washroom on Friday night (after the nominations) and uses Hardy's toothbrush to wash out the toilette. Note that Hardy's toothbrush is a $90 electric jobbie... BB calls her on this and gives her shit - essentially holding up a finger and saying "That's One!". hahaha... she goes to clean the toothbrush and ... and... breaks it. haha oh gawd, I'm dying reading the transcripts at this point... She tells Hardy it broke when the curling Iron fell on it... by the next day Hardy is getting suspicious - partly because Shannon doesn't use a curling iron. By late last night (Saturday) he has realized what happened (oh and he got a replacement toothbrush from BB) and he was seriously pissed... This will be a breaking story as time goes by... the real story, of course, being the lengths Shannon and Will will go to as they get through the week as nominees.

TR (tactical report)
Hardy is really going to town on the "protector of truth and light" deal and this may work well for him. In the mean time... I cannot possibly see the egomaniac letting himself get voted off... although at one point I had to praise Monique (?) for pointing out to him that if Shannon goes... she'll prol'y not want anything to do with Will by the time he gets the boot. Of course, if Will goes... I'm expecting Shannon's now ex-boi friend to be waiting with Julie for him in the Looser Lounge.

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