Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

why suffer alone..

"Say g'night Gracie..."

"Good night Gracie."

An exchange given to listeners between George Burns and Gracie Allen at the end of thier tv series (1950 - 58 - and no I was not watching... )

Off I go to the land of nod. As a parting gift... let me tell you about a tune...

You know the tune... the radio is on and you hear that fleetwood mack rif kick in and then Destiny's Child opens up their pipes and before you know it your listening to the word "bootylicious" and wondering where they come up with this stuff.... Ok.. so all afternoon I've had the sound of them saying "bootylicious" stuck in the frontal lobes... heard it in the car comming back from groceries... eak... I keep thinking steevie nicks is gonna burst out in song in the middle of it. :D
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