Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Ok... no question about it... I definitely have oggitosis this morning... Must find toothbrush...

I had a nice night last night... nothing special besides squaring off on the home front a bit but that's here nor there. Managed to get some quality time in with alcestis (which is always a serious pleasure for me... an old balding guy! hahahaha)
But it's garage sale day again for the Z girl so she's up and gone...
~ wooly sox on my tongue
~ old comfort clothes (sweat pants etc)
~ nice long hot shower
~ to wear nicer clothes than these...
~ to brush my teeth! (:D)
~ to chill and for sure watch BB2 tonight. (ps. wow did they ever go nutty last night!!)
~ to do a little dance when billijean comes home... (I miss that girl)
~ for an update from the girl with the ear-to-ear grin
~ to reach across the miles and pinch Dolores...
~ I knew why I got dropped by a bunch of friends yesterday (I know, I know, ebb and flow and I'm supposed to just let 'em go... but some people are special dammit and ten was definitely special to me!
~ for a note from lakme I WANT TO CALL YOU but I want to when I should call... (hugs and yes)

Any hooo... long day ahead.
If you emailed me yesterday afternoon, let alone left an lj comment to some remote thread... It's stuck in Hotmail. I launch the Messenger and it teases me with "58 new e-mail messages" but like I can run Hotmail? NO!.
So I've switched my Lj email account over to my domain sendmail account 'cause I'm going to be home for a week... so fine! I like hotmail though...

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