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BB2 Update

BB2 Update - "How Do You Spell Relief? 7 - 0"

Well the prevailing winds carried a little bit of humanity... or are they just chicken?

Note: I'mma gonna half'ta make this one a bit short.

Epi Review - The Triple D Show
You know there is a surprisingly very short amount of the Live Show dedicated to being a live show. This show covered the important bases of delivering the evil news of who get the boot... Autumn, and who get the next HOH... Hardy. The bulk of the show was framed around giving us taped footage of the various elements of duplicity, drama and dastardly deeds.

There have been a substantial number of Airplane Banners flying past the compound dragging all manner of messages… CBS is typically trying to hide the actual messages from the live feeds but a few things are getting through… most importantly, the messages are just driving the house-mats nuts. Things like a message for Kent telling him that CT (Chill Town - Mike, Shannon and Will) are voting for him… Which, btw, they were, right up until yesterday morning.

The Most Memorable Moment (MMM)
Shannon's real world boyfriend threatening the life of Will. On the air, he says that if he were Will he would be worried about the likelihood of real physical danger. Hands down, a bit of footage that is destined to be played during the trial. (LOL)

I just want to hold the entire house by the scruff of their necks and yell directly into their faces "This is a game people... does anybody want to win the game?" Now I know I'm prol'y not getting the whole story... hell with all the live feed cut offs, failed real-player sessions and pathetic amounts of time spent with the Live Feeds showing paint dry on the front door of the house, it's pretty likely that nobody is getting the whole story. Oh, sure they did show us the heavy breathing of Shannon and Will... a few minutes after they televised the CBS interviews with Shannon's real world boyfriend (I think his Christian name is spelled "laughingstock" but I could be wrong.) For the record... Will and Shannon played hide-the-banana on Tuesday morning at 12:03 am. It occurs to me that these two (will and grace) are the biggest assets in the show and if either one is to leave... I hope it's Shannon... Will is just too much fun manifesting his unbelievable ego at every turn.

Tear Patrol (TP)
Basically Autumn has cried and appeared amazingly weak every second of the day since the last time we talked… you know, when I was telling you how she had said that she would "not show any signs of weakness."

Hardy, while not actually letting them stream down his face, was crying in his protein shakes about the awful treatment he was getting from the Hairy Guy. (see "testosterone" below…)

Testosterone Kent is an SOB of the highest order... do not for a split second forget that... he will cover it up well... but dam! Just look at how the votes went... EVERYBODY voted to fry Autumn. This was an act more of charity than gamesmanship. If they were playing the game... they would have voted out Kent... he's a threat and Autumn would have crawled out the door on her own within 72 hours. But instead, they ultimately outwitted themselves and voted as a block to save her from herself…. Real killer instincts there kids. Now they will have to deal with the real Kent that will - no doubt - emerge in the wake of his victory over the weeping willow.

Hardy… the house-mat with the best trivial knowledge of the others (hence winning the HOH competition) was exceptional in the last few days by the way in which he reacted to a little teasing from the Bunkster… Bunky, in all his glory and an incredibly hairy little gay man, kept after Hardy with suggestions that the two of them "hook up"… hahahaha… dear lord Hardy was just going ape shit. The rest of the house-mats had to do a little intervention to get the two of them to sit down and discuss their issues and make up. I'm thinking the rest of them took careful notes on exactly how to push Hardy's buttons in the likely event that they will have to get him to crack if they want him out of the house.

Krista just frigging rawks. Period. She looks fantastic even at her "just woke up" worst, and she is playing the game solid. Watching her suck the juice out of a spicy crawfish during her birthday dinner was enough to make me squirm.
Nicole, the Hootchie Mama Extrodinaire, is a real big question mark. She's playing both sides of the street in terms of the alliances in the house. This will backfire in a few weeks.
Shannon is just pure crap. She's got a great ass if you like bones, but besides that… she is a real piece of work trying to suck up to the other house-mats and still playing her game with Will-of-the-monster-Ego. But I think her number is up…

Autumn was met by her boyfriend and son in the "you're this weeks looser" room. For the past two days the house-mats have been gearing her up for nobody to be there to meet her. She was - amazingly - believing it and was just a total fricking wreck.

Tactical Report (TR)
Finally… an exorcism is in the offing. I'm looking at Hardy and thinking he is just so fed up with the fun that Will and Shannon are having at everyone else's expense that he will nominate Shannon…. Who else? Well he want's to break up the set so he'll nominate Will and Shannon to ensure that one of them goes. Take your pick… either way, things will be less evil… and remember… this is TeeeVeee… Evil pays.


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