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BB2 Update

BB2 Update - Is it time to punish age?

So the question on the table remains… fry the weeping willow or burn off the ages spots.

Paying attention to the show last night kinda tells ya that the plot kids are leaning towards a vote to remove Kent. Why on earth? Well, actually, I know why on earth… the idea is… the name of the game… is to remove the threats to the money. Autumn is a minor player… and Kent is a bigger player. So if the option is there, I guess the smart money votes to get rid of the bigger threat. But this kind of logic only takes you so far… before they know it they'll be having a crummy time hanging out with all the lightweights.

The Epi in Review:

We get to see the house get all spaced out over the current nominations (Kent and Autumn) … we see Kent resigning himself to eviction one moment and working the issue the next… he's all over the map. Autumn is totally being a transparent little snit… sorry for the personal opinion but she is not in the same league as the other manipulators in this house.

The show has been asking us to blow a buck on voting for either Krista or Mike to receive a big-assed birthday mean and a "message from home". The house-mats are told this tonight and get to see the TV Spot asking for the calls, and then, after being allowed to get their hopes up for a while, then they tell 'em that Kristy is "America's Sweetheart" and it's crawfish for dinner. She, of course, invites Mike to share the meal with her…

They (BB) load an electronic bull into the yard for the kids to work a boiz verus girlz challenge on. The live feeds go on a bit about the time BB takes to reset the bull for the boiz after letting the girlz ride'em. The incredible punishment the boiz go through on the dam thing makes the "resets" look pretty significant… the boiz loose badly and the girls get a Texas BBQ out of the deal… which, of course fits nicely with the fact that they (the girlz) have been on a strict diet of PB&J since Saturday.

The show rounds off with the drama of the vote building up nicely and I honestly think they are going to kick Kent out on Thursday…

MMM (Most Memorable Moment)
"I got your back, I'm right behind ya. You know us gay guys…."
Spoken, of course, by the hairiest human in all of Big-Brother-dom. Dear lord, this guy must have to buy shirts a size too big just to account for having not shaved his back lately. Bunky is like some kind of a missing link.

MMM2 (sorry, but it was a tie for MMM)
Did you see the few second shot of Will, Shannon, and Mike doing the chain gang shoulder rubs? Besides Will continuing to totally remind me of Chandler from "Friends", the friends link was just pushed to a new limit when you look at the facial expression on Mike as Shannon is going at his shoulders… At home, whenever Z is actually hurting me with a neck or shoulder rub versus it feeling good I say "Monica!" out loud… referencing that episode of Friends when she (monica) was so sure she was great at the shoulder rub thing… Well Mikes face was totally screaming OUUUCCCHHHH! while Shannon-of-the-almost-non-existent-bum was rubbing his shoulders.

TP (Tear Patrol)
Ok, so little miss "show no weakness" (Autumn) got over her menstrual cramps and became tearful at the drop of three hats in the last few days… I'm not going into detail…it's just too pathetic.
On the other hand… Nicole was crying - into Shannon's arms no less - about having to eat Peanut Butter for 7 days… hahahaha… Here's a quote: "I'd suck a monkey for a salad!" To which Shannon replies… "Nahhh, one look at that hairy butt and you'd be grossed out." Now the important lesson here is that to Shannon's mind, you would get as far as actually sucking off a monkey and then consequently seeing the hairy bum before becoming grossed out!

Hardy… do you remember the many scenes of him being all sweet to poor little sugar plum? (Autumn!!) He's getting… no scratch that… he has become totally off-put with her. Here's a Hardy quote: "I can't wait til she's fucking gone. I may even do a little dance." And yes… he's talking about Autumn.

Just so you can get the full scope here… BB has come over the internal house pa and talked to the HOH on a few occasions about the incredible volume of swear words that the house-mats are using. It is, quite seriously, a never ending series of fuck, cunt, shit, etc. And that's just the girls talking…

Holy fricking shit… I'm telling you that it is just amazing to see the totality with which Will has embraced the persona of being the most horrible human to walk upright. All that hair may very well hide small nubs of compacted hair after having shaved off the horns prior to his arrival here. He is just an amazingly heartless, egotistical maniac. I actually kinda love him for this. There is no possible way to not acknowledge that he is adding a great deal of value to the show by being so amazingly evil and conceited.

Mike, Her Doctor Boogy, is inventing words left right and center. When he gets a look at the buffet he will be sharing with Krista for the Birthday Dinner, he remarks "It's a Mama-Jamma Party"… wtf? He is constantly being caught up in lies and two faced behaviour (like this is unique? I don't think so… hahaha…

We're finally being treated to some of Monique's personality. She is being sold to the audience by CBS as a nice woman with good values… and that's seeming to be bang on. But given the playing field, I have every expectation that they didn't select her from the field of dreamers for her nice-ness. She'll ramp up in a few more weeks.

Now Nicole! Wow. I gotta say, watching this episode firmed up my opinion that she is the quintessential "Hoochi-Mama" The term itself pops to mind so often when watching her do her thing. Her little dances with the hips going, her "K'mere, I wanna cut ya" attitude toward her enemies… she's quite the player. She is in full suck-up to the bad guys mode and CBS made a point of showing us this throughout the show.

Tactics? We don't need no stinking tactics
Bunky is being played like a finely tuned violin by absolutely everybody. I almost feel sorry for him because he's being a very caring man… a hairy caring man, but caring none-the-less. You're looking at people voting for eviction. Remember they VOTE to see who should leave.
Krista? Can't vote cause she's the HOH
Autumn? Doesn't count…
Kent? Also does not count…
So that leaves:
Mike - Kent
Shannon - Kent
Will - Kent
Nicole - Kent
Monique - Kent
Bunky - Autumn
Hardy - Autumn

If I'm off, then I'm thinking it'll be with Monique. If I'm way off, then Nicole might vote to keep Kent in which case it'll fall back to Krista for the tie breaker… and she'll vote off Autumn. But I think I have it sussed. Now if, of course, depends on what happens today and tomorrow.

The gang is really stressing about who gets next HOH. I'm thinking it will be Bunky… that would be a total gas watching everyone chew that guy up… hell he may even get some gratuitous butt shots from the boiz… hahah

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