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Morning Lj...

Look at this picture... I started with this all self indulgent "standing there with my arms crossed" picture but when I leaned in to click-edy-click I caught another glimpse of this forehead / temple bulge... I mean that is a significant bumpish zone. It's nothing... it's not a bump or a scar or anything... A drawback of cam land... becoming significantly more aware of what you actually look like.

~ black sox with little silver diamond shapes on 'em (I kinda like them)
~ gray f.t.l. boxers
~ dark gray ... with hints of blue, dress pants
~ the company golf shirt...
~ lunch with a seriously important client.
~ more crap with the bank (client)
~ to buy a new and great car cup (I've been working with the give away HP car cups that I loaded up on via HP UX courses... and it's time for a change.
~ to watch BB2 tonight
~ I had a little card from god that read "one free do-over"
~ that my dear Lj friend ajose has a wonderful day.
~ that the values shared by allison, leah, and alex are enough to remind all of them that they should be, and can all be the greatest of friends... regardless of whose holding the booty.... (psst. sorry I just couldn't help that...LOL)

As the bus cruised past the Queensway stop... letting off some passengers... I looked out my window to see this dad... prol'y younger than me sitting in a crouch with a 1 year old baby on his lap. They were both looking vacantly into the distance waiting for another bus. Dads hands were holding the baby's feet and tapping away to an unheard song. He had the slightly feminine baby bag over one shoulder (people should really think about the whole dad-involvement thing at baby shower time). Part of me was sure that this was baby number one. The look of them sitting there just made me flash with the thought and wonder of how meaningful life is - of how important the daddy job can be...

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