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oh my....

It's absolutely fabulous outside... blue sky, puffy clouds, slight touch of 'cool' in the breeze and just overall ducky out there...

Today has progressed without incident... my boss is here... Yea! and so far the team remains under the radar so it's totally day by day for now.

No late night or early morning phone calls... and dam today better stay like that. Today is Zebra's birthday... I got her the Sabatier flatware. We had a "do" at my folks house last night and we (she and I) will be going out tonight... but proly not for dinner... after dinner we'll take the kiddies to my sis-in-laws for general care taking and we'll do sumthin... movie? coffee & dessert? we'll see.

I'm about 8 chocolate covered espresso beans in the hole so far... and baby I just love this crack! My toes are tappen and I'm still recovering from a brief walk to a geek store... the word of the day is boobies... sorry if that's indelicate buy I'm just say'en... this weather, this city, and a great downtown location ... yup... boobies is the word. (quickly checks? yup... The shirt still has a lock on my nips... funny that... I just cannot escape little bullets with this shirt... and any silk shirt actually.)

~ reaches for two more hits of crack...

ps. one of my guys just walked up with print outs from a system Service Level Reporter (a specialized application for server management) ... I've been riding him for three weeks now... listening to him push back with "That app is broken dude (where's my car) and it will never work ... NEVER!" Just goes to show you that the guys workin for me can do anything... so long as I keep pushing the right buttons... man the know how to cook.

Ok, and just once more... boobies...
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