Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morn'en Lj.

... and the clothes hang over the railing in the background...

~ snazzy-doo socks, black f.t.l. boxers (comfy following - sorry lakme bald squatchi maintenance)
~ wohoo... it's nipple day! hahaha I have the dark green micro fiber shirt on (which magically refuses to let the lad's rest)
~ pale green cuffed pants
~ the hush puppy's and a blast of D&G
~ to do everything I can today to make my team billable (although, and this is the pisser... I'm not really supposed to - and I always get in shit - because the sales team is supposed to do client relationships... problem is... the sales team sucks ass hard.)
~ on arranging babysitting cause I've so seriously in need of going to the movies...
~ oh and joy of joys,.... I have to go the Bank (client) today... least fav place lately.
~ for some gews... good news? from my friend katscan... it's been awhile.
~ some good vibes find their way to datawais who will be missing her love a little more than usual...
~ I could spend a month ... say February, in Australia... I'll bet I could get work there... :D

I lay down on the wood of the new deck two nights ago... at midnight... just me, on my back looking up. I saw a satellite and three shooting stars... I thought about my family, my extended family and my RW friends... I thought about myself... then I thought about some friends from lj... all three wishes (the shooting stars) landed on my Lj friends... There is something nice about being in touch with the emotional spaces that so many people occupy.

um... carrie? you looked really adorable in that web cam pic you posted a while ago.

gravity ... holy moly dude... you are so the man! and I'm not really gonna explain that... but I did really want to land a bag of compliments at your feet.
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