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BB Update

BB2 Update: Will the real puppet master please stand up!

"Hullo, my name is Krista and I'm a puppet master. My plan is, in fact, very simple. I will ensure that someone gets booted off the show... that someone else voluntarily exits (coming soon), and that anyone I think actually posses a clear and present danger will be voted out of the house."

Now if she didn't smoke and was, therefore, not susceptible to the inevitable nicotine withdrawals that the smokes will face when they all run out of smokes... she would be a total shoe in for the grand prize. I know, I know... she could be a whole bunch of luck and flukes... but I'm thinking she is the queen master of the house of puppets. If she makes it through the next round without being nominated... she is gonna cruise to the ca$h... and I couldn't be happier about it.

What's more, she always looks like she's holding back a big round of laughter... like she can hardly believe how well things are working out.

Saturday's epi in review.

The Timeline
Taking into account the expulsion of Justin, the show on Thursday did not include the HOH competition. The competition took place that night however... following the show. So Krista took control of the house to the very great dismay of the three musketeers (Shannon, Will and Mike).
The nominations took place on Friday and the food competition took place on Saturday. (I could be wrong about that last one but I think it was Saturday).

The MMM (most memorable moment):
The drama builds (towards the end of the show) as the HOH brings out the key box for the rats to pull keys from - thereby achieving safety for this round. Each key, as you know has a name on it. So the HOH pulls the first key, and then the name on that key pulls the next. When it gets down to the last couple of keys, the tension is fantastic. Bunky pulls the second last key ... as he's pulling key he looks like he is going to simply burst into flames he is so consumed by emotion. The key he pulls has Hardy's name on it. His voice, crackling like a 1930's radio broadcast, barely able to get the word "hardy" out is the winner of this updates' MMM.

The TP (Tear Patrol):
~ Autumn cries (constantly)
~ Shannon cries ('cause she doesn't like to be called names... yea right!)
~ Bunky cries, well, crackles. (see MMM)
~ Krista cries (prol'y for some reason or another, but I think she's just work'en the crowd)

Testosterone? What testosterone?
Will and Mike are so completely panicked that it's hard for them to complete sentences... clearly, Nichole could cause either one of them to break out in hives just by staring at one of them. Oh and his hair is pretty incredible... absolutely thick and huge. It looks as though it may tip him over soon ... I'll wager hair cuts are in the offing.

Hardy is continuing to play it in the girls camp and I'm not including Cleopatra (Shannon) in that group. In fact, Hardy calls her hard on the deal with Shannon working Autumns flayed sense of self-worth by putting the bag of chips on Autumn's bed. She (Shannon) ultimately comes to Hardy to grovel for forgiveness... he's not really buying any. I was just splitting a gut at that point.

The viewing audience gets to see Bunkey walking around in his lovely purple cape. What we don't hear is Kent's comment when he first appears in the cape. "A purple cape and painted toenails... you can't get much gayer than that!"

Kent, in fact, is really earning his nametag as the Homophony... I'm thinking his whole Homophobic attitude at the outset was part of his act to get in on the show... and the his tolerance is starting to crack through the false crusty exterior. He even managed to take his nomination with good grace... we'll see if that holds. he's prol'y pretty confident that his co-nominee will fry next Thursday.

Estrogen or raging hormones?
On the heels of a very public vow from Autumn to "never show weakness again!!" She went on to spend Friday moaning in a bed with menstrual cramps. She did get up long enough to enjoy the experience of being nominated however. She is literally miles from the very Janet Jackson like face she wears in the opening credits.

Monica. Remember her? Holy schmolly... this girl is a stealth fighter. She remains totally invisible to all known radar systems.

Shannon fulfilled all of my fantasies by debasing herself in various acts of contrition looking to knock down the massive towers of self-righteous power she thought she had been forging. She was practically begging to be included in the other reindeer games ...

Note: the urge to include Bunky in this section is pretty significant.

A personal view: I've long held that a stereotypically hard body woman look'en all delicious is basically a statue - fun to look at. A girl in a pair of overalls, a sexi top and a pair of kedds... well that just says "K'mere, we're gonna have some fun... and I'll try not to hurt ya." Krista is really looking like the overall girl.

Tactical Report (LOL)
So with Krista as HOH she could have succumbed to the widely popular desire of the other housemats (yes I meant to say house-mats) and nominated Will. But she didn't. The discussions I read seemed to indicate that she was banking on the fact that Will is toast one-way-or-another and she ingeniously is going to give him a pass and left his nomination up to the next HOH. Nope she has her own axes to grind with Autumn... she's sick to death (her words) of Autumn. Nominating Kent was a master stroke (IMHO) because he wont get toasted and she looks golden to the musketeers.

So that's about it for now...

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