Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morning Lj...

So in an effort to save jaggedpill from any fear... I've decided that this morning face needs to be hidden... maybe after a shower I won't look so scary.

~ pure comfort clothes...
~ sweats and a sweat shirt
~ shower, dress and ...
~ make banana bread (want some?)
~ write a bb2 update... (fun show last night)
~ mix and gook with fireplace tile grout... (let the mess begin!!!)
~ for continued good news from roaring_woman about her darling Olivia.
~ a little Jimmy action for my favorite Power Puff Girl (Blossom) in Hollywood....
~ and to hear more from my pal lesslyn!!!
note: edited to correct my idiot use of the name Timothy instead of Jimmy in previous line! Douh!!!
oh and the big wish for today?
~ that potty training with Ed goes better than yesterday... :D It's amazing how you can sit this guy on the potty every 15 minutes and still totally miss the moment he decides to pee everywhere... but I did get him to fart on the potty... hahaha... (his words)

K, later Lj... I'll be back with banana bread...
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