Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

k silly question

um... the saturday comic's include a panel called "For better or worse" ... a family kinda comic with lots' of "Hey moms and dads... check out how kids really are!" sorta stuff.

So I don't get today's and I want somebody to explain it.

Last week mom became number one with the bullet by letting her 13 ish year old daughter get purple streaks in her hair... fun. Ok, this week, she (the daughter) is roller blading and meets some friends and they're all impressed with the streaks... they're full of "wows" and "cool"... she's beaming!

Then she comes home and asks mom ... "how long till this grows out?" as if she doesn't like it any more...

???? nope... don't get it. Did I wake up old today and can no longer understand? (my greatest fear's are wrapped up in suddenly becoming incapable of relating to my nieces and nephews... ack!

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