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BB2 Update

BB2 Update: The Palace of Screw

Well for a while there I was pretty sure that somebody must have really screwed up in the psych department at CBS... but baby, I'm all about think'en these guys are getting raises today. No matter what you think about so-called reality TV this edition of the BB concept is cooking with gas, and that's not just a reference to Bunky's flatulence. Which by the way was characterized by Kent - the homophony - as "...well, loud as hell, but then he doesn't have a virgin ass so we can understand all that noise."

We have rampant gay lifestyle issues management, painful and emotionally disturbing human conflict, steak knives held to throats, two-faced bitchery, skanky sluttery, race cards, psychological torture and Lords Of Darkness style evilness. It's only day 12 people... Shapiro (the director) must be waiting for the CBS exec's to send him a personal grape peeler to feed him his mid day snacks...

ok, lets review.
~ Julie Chen, the once journalist - now game show hostess, gave us the big serious attitude right off the bat with the whole Jerkface expulsion deal. Justin was evicted from the house by the producers to address safety issues... He must be so fricking mad mwahahahaha... oh lord, can you imagine... what? a half year of effort to get on the show only to find out he was included in the show only to provide a psychotic personality that could be quickly detonated... I mean, what was next for this guy if he stayed? "Lets experiment with oxygen depletion during intercourse... here, what I'll do is wring your scrawny neck with both hands while we bang..." No way in hell they (CBS) didn't know what he was capable of on the way into this.

final word on the Justin eviction: did you ever see the movie "absence of malice" with Paul Newman? the scene towards the end, when the judge is asking Paul "Are you that smart?" ... my head was full of that while I watched Krista laying on that counter, playing into Justin's hands... Is she actually, possibly, amazingly, that smart? Cause if she was even nominally aware of what she was doing... she is gonna win this game! and be my hero.

~ So, the first half of the show is dedicated to watching the caged rats fight over the various cheese bits Shapiro tossed into thier reality... good moments from the bitch fest between Cleopatra-of-the-nice-ass and Autumn (again, is there any question what-so-ever as to why she is a single mom?) What they don't tell you in the show is that these two were going at it over the situation that developed when Autumn was told that Mike was going to "take one for the team" by poking her so she "called him on it" by letting him take her to his boudoir. She clearly did not like his proposal that she "do a banana on me" and she flipped. "Flipping" in this case manifests with her having a smoke half way into the most manipulative of challenges - the "Non smoking for a day" challenge - so the nicotine addicted, out-of-breath set could pay the price so Boogy, Cleopatra-of-the-ass, and Anthony-with-the-perfect-hair (non smokers) could get a basketball. I can't believe they made it half way, let alone all the way until something evil happened. Any ways, Autumn had a smoke… angry semi-black girl smokes… then the other smokers light up within seconds… hahaha…

~ the second half of the show was all about the "palace of screw" and no, I'm not talking about Will and Shannon. The vote to expell. What a fantastic turn of events.... first of all, Game Show Girl Julie asks Nicole and Sherry to say a few words before the vote count... Sherry makes a nice "we are the world" sort'a coke commercial speech... then the Nic-ster gets the floor (she was asked to go first but needed psych up time! She totally drives the silver plated spikes into the Boogy, Cleo and Anthony show... The vitriol was dripping from her quivering lips as she spoke. Every word said "I'm going to get voted out, and I fricking hate you bastards..."
The votes come in and Idiot Mike (mr. plot boi) is just completely blown out of the water as Sherry get's evicted from the house... So much for the concept of nominating a person you hate and person everyone loves... the backlash from that kind of manipulation was like a government hit, clean and without prejudice. Mike is still in shock… Cleopatra is walken around in stunned silence…

Then? Then? Hahaha they have the next HOH competition after the show ends… the live feeds report a resounding win for KRISTA (my hero) as the next HOH. And - btw - this adds dramatically to the confusion. She frigg'en hates Autumn… so it may not be a cut and dry nomination of Cleo and Anthony (Shannon and Will).

Sherry, true to form, is all about class and style… she was drenched in it for the Post Fry interview with Game Show Girl and she had some nice things to say about Jerkface… the idea that other people (Cleo and Anthony) lead him to where he ended up.

Now the question is… how will they ensure the show lasts as long as it would have with all 12 rats leaving in lock step order …will they add a new person, put Jerkface back following some legal crap or will they give the rats a "pass" on the next nomination. No matter how you slice it, this is gonna be a fun show.

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