Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Later Lj.

So, I'm jazzed up for the BB2 epi tonight... but first it's a mad dash for a bus, dinner at my folks and the management of the word "calm" in my house. Life actually takes many twists and turns... and like all good racing vehicles... the winning is all about how you negotiate those twists and turns.

Me and my homie... homer simpson... we prefer rack & peanut steering ... for the hair pin corners at least.

Tomorrow will be a swamp day.... I will be so killer wrapped and slapped that I cannot imagine how I'm gonna get a morning post in... maybe if I did it before I left for work? I'm going direct to a client site and then racing all over town for the rest of the day... AND it's a friday? what ever happened to casual calm fridays... poooooooooohp.

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