Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morn'en Lj...

It's a chilly, cloudy day in my world. Good music, coffee, a blueberry muffin and a never give up attitude can fight the clouds� and, of course, a little love'en takes care of the "chilly" part. Today, with your help, is gonna be fantastic.

~ f.t.l. black...
~ ma favorite long sleeve shirt... with the orange stripe (duh!)
~ the dk blue cotton cargos
~ fila runners today (stubbed my toe last night.. sore toes like runners!)
~ d&g ... as usual
~ actually I don't know... I don't really want to check my sched yet... today is gonna be busy and I'm living my bus ride in "denial"
~ oh, I know... I'm planning to take a picture of the really groovy stuff that my pall glossgirl sent me in my fancy-spancy package. Then publish it, of course...
~ for five years to pass... sorry, can't explain that one.
~ for my friend lucynda to have good news... I am praying for her little Olivia every day.
~ that somehow, someway, I can find the strength.

Mini BB2 bits...
> feeling large here... Mr. Self-Distructo (justin) is totally toast... It will interesting to see how the group behaves for the next week... they really experimented with "hate" over the last one. It was a totally screaming fest between Cleopatra and Autumn. Actually, everybody was going at it huge� what a blast. Can you just see the head of the CBS Psychological Assessment Team in the interview with the producers today� To be a fly on the wall of that room � hahahaha�

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