Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Wow... what a busy day! I've been all over this city... (pats pocket full of cab receipts).

Going to go to Mac & Watts (Shi Shi Poo Poo Store full of breakable stuff and middle aged woment doing their best angry school marm impersonations) to check out some sabatier (sp?) flatwear... Z wants new cutlery for her birthday... So I'm guessing that my idea about new sex toys is out... :D

I so seriously want to go see Final Fantasy (asap!!!!!) but I haven't been to "Cones & Guns" yet... (Tomb Raider)... decisions decisions... Must get babysitting...

Ok, way to busy for this... oh...

mini Big Brother 2 Note: After wipping it out to pee on the window in front of a BB Camera, Justin... here-to-for refered to as Mr. Self-Distructo, was called into the Diary Room... which was doubling as the "Sit your stupid white ass down and listen" room, for a chewing out about being a dick head... They kinda (or so he says...) told him he'd be booted if he didn't get this poop together. So what does he do for an encore? He holds a butcher Knife to Krista's throat and tells her to blow him... No really... Now this happened last night and I'm sure it was part of a joke, cause she was sickeningly all over him (ahh the things peeps do in the name of "the game")... So I have a lot to read to catch up ... but I'm just say'en ... Mr. Self-Distructo is gonna fall...

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