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BB Update...

BB2 Update: Marionettes? I don't think so! Muppets maybe... Seriously bent muppets.

True to form, CBS is bringing us the episode they created in the cutting room... well mostly. Sorta like being from earth... being a human... we're "mostly harmless" (d. adams, rip. 2001).

Lets see... what changed from reality to tv? Um... how about that storage room sceen with Cleopatra and Anthony? When she was a sitt'en up on the freezer... she got all the way to the edge of it and he was pressed up against her... her leg wrapped around him pulling... the bit where she breaks away and say's "I want to look at you"... that was when he was killing himself trying to hide his woody.

There was some nice plot development in the show... hahaha .... making Facial Mole Man (I'll bet befoe the show started he had all the hairs removed from the tip of that bad boy on his cheek.) look like a nice guy... Don't be fooled... he's a nasty old guy with a misoginist woman hating gay bashing intolerant personality... you can just the red ring around his neck. He is repeatedly saying he's going to get Nicole to give him head before she leaves...

And Nicole? well the whole weepy thing going on is a little much. The Nicki & Sherri Show is being seriously manipulated for our benefit... if past behaviour is any indication then you can expect CBS to lead us down the wrong assumption paths as often as possible. In this case, I'm pretty sure the numbers add up to Nicole getting the boot... Certainly the idea that Sherrie is a threat is valid, but Nicki is a also a threat and she doesn't wash the counters... Seriously now, if Sherrie stays we will see some pretty wild stuff from this vivacious 42 year old divorced party girl with the great bod. Why the hell would the rats trade that for the morose, newlywed that basically wants to physically hurt half the boiz on the show?

Justin? is moving along nicely on the path to self destruction... he continues to talk heavy... he even said outloud "i brought a gun" (personally, i doubt that so hard it's silly, but the fact that he said it!) Someboy transcribing the live feeds yesterday commented that it looked and sounded like he had just done a line of blow... this would not surprise me...

They (CBS) only very marginally touched on the Autumn deal... she is a complete wreck. The men are playing on her total lack of self esteem and are - evil - calling her fat, etc. She is going on and on about how she hates this... she's used to "being the cute girl in a group" and now she feels like the "fat girl on Big Brother"... many many tears... an it's still working it's way up to a climax. Think Karen from BB1....

My girl Krsita... (kinda looks a bit like the gloria estefan from early days... she's really hot stuff) except for looking a whole lot like she's gonna let Justin touch her, is still number one with the bullet. It does look like she's doing the amazing manipulation thing... on everybody! but there remains the reasonable chance that she's just vacant and drinking a lot... but I can hope right!

oh and watch for the smoking challenge... BB asked for all the smokes to be put away for a day... smokers were free to cave in a get one, but they (CBS) made a reward challenge out of "quitting for a day". This smacks of my personal hopes for the eviction list... send home all the non smokers... raise the stress level until everyone left is smoking their heads off. They run out of cigs with two months left... Oh lord that would be funny... they would be goin mental. I wonder if any of the smokers brought nico-patches? That would be good planning.

Sorry this is weak… but I'm flying back out of the office to another client site… busy busy boi. :D

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