Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Note: late posting... had to boogy to a client site first thing today.

Ok, I take no responsibility for this picture looking really crummy... LOL, I woke up at 7:52 and made the 8:13 bus. I took the pic in a real hurry. There was a shower... the sound of my razor... I'm sittin here on the bus and I have a car cup of coffee... so I know I did all the right things... hahahah I was just a little groggy when I did them. It feels like I have one of those "skin dents" where the pillow case edge or something was making an impression into my face. Bad thing? I was supposed to be at a meeting by 8:30 today. That's not gonna happen.
~ f.t.l. boxers and sox ripped from the dryer (I'll check to see if they match later.
~ it's a swish swish day... mostly cause these pants (my charcoal, noisey, cargo pants) dry in a real hurry... and it's a rainy, drizzely day.
~ corp. logo golf shirt.
~ hahahaa... I even remembered to put on the D&G (this earned me another hubba hubba so, yea, I'm gonna keep remembering :D)
~ to pound off another bb2 update
~ to get a million things done at work today
~ to not let the fact that this is a wicked stressful time at work get me down...
~ I woke up on time...
~ I had a chance to catch up on my Lj reading...
~ the woman beside me on the bus (really attractive actually) would put her coffee down and snuggle up to me so we could both have a snooze for the rest of this bus ride!

Later lj...
ps. um, who knows kitiara ... sorry for the shameless fawning... but wow ... and forget about the fact that she's crazy beautiful with hair to die for... I'm talking about the journal and her personal web site...

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