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Did you see he moon this morning? beautiful.

Hola, it's a beautiful morning and I'm feeling remarkably good for a Monday. I think I'll try and milk that for a while and see if I can get a great week under my belt.
ps. I was leaning over to see what Geo was doing on his mom's computer. :D
~ it's dark blue day... LOL
~ dark blue cotton cargos
~ dark blue point zero t
~ dark blue fila runners...
~ I am going super cas today, but I'm fairly certain I have no client meetings today.
~ to find kristylicious or bust (:D)
~ read up on the nights happenings at the BB2 house...
~ to find the monkey... the red hot monkey... you know what I mean?
~ for small miracles to run out to Alberta and climb all over Olivia... My friend roaring_woman deserves a break here... she's been paying dues long enough... she should have a miracle or two in the bank by now... Click me to read the latest about Olivia.
~ that somebody who knows starladaze would comment and let me know if she's ok... I miss her... she is such poet... and her heart was on her sleeve... I miss her writing.

The James Gang… does that work for anybody out there… man could they cook. Wow.

This week has got to be all about good vibes… I need 'em and the best way to get 'em is to give 'em out… so all my beach-boys guns are loaded.

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