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Mornin Lj

Thank god for eggo's... (making the whole "feed me" reaction to the kids so simple)

~ a big green house coat...
~ bed head extrordinaire... (is that a word?)
~ a grin from last night...
~ on wearing my best face about the wicker furniture Z want's to bring home from some garage sale...
~ on watching BB2 tonight...
~ having a shower!
~ with all of my heart, and all of my might, for Olivia Jane to make progress towards a recovery... this would be Lucynda's daughter roaring_woman*

* I've known Lucynda for quite a while... and just to make my point clearly... she's pretty forward with checkable facts about the challenges her little girl is facing... unlike other situations that have come up here in Lj land. Lucynda, I'm completely in your camp hon... and I'm hoping for the best... even though I really need a shower and a shave.

Boy did I have a nice end to my day yesterday... Thanks sugar... it was super great fun to talk with you. Again, I'm saying ... the IM style chat and dueling speedy refresh cams... is a blast... it so shrinks the planet.

Later (I really need to go wake up somehow)
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