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Morning LJ.
Today will clearly be a stellar day. I'm gonna buy two (one for me and one for Z) of these chocolate deals called "Silks" (think mostly cooked brownies all gooy with a layer of dark chocolate on top and threads of white chocolate running throughout the whole thing). They will be on hand for total consumption as we watch FryTV tonight (banishment night on the House Of Little Wit).
I get to wow my boss a bit re: an fantastic client meeting yesterday ($$$ new contracts... yea!!!!!!!) and I get to be 'large' about the visit to the super-cool hosting facility... that trip began with the 'retinal scan' system that unlocked the triple re-enforced impenetrable door... the it got really cool.
Anyways, it's time for tunes and massive typing...

ps. I just wanted to see what the little 'horny' guy looked like...well ... ok so I'm a bit randy... shhhhhhh!

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