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Well last night was a toughi... edward turned three in January... he's still in diapers... but that's no big deal, he'll potty train when he's ready. But the fricking bottle... we had - ages ago - tried to get him off the bottle but Z and I were not of a single mind on the process and let me tell ya, if mom and dad are not together on the process for baby stuff... it just does not pan. Any ways, we told him the bottles were all gone a month ago and at bedtime we've been letting him have a "sippy cup" of milk... which he pounds back and then wants more... or wakes in the night and wants more... and you can never get the last half oz out of one of those sippy cups and he knows it, so if you were slow on the response to a demand for more... he'd open the cup and try to drink the last bit... which would invariably spill all over the place.
So.... we but the squish on the sippy cups last night... Ed was fricking pissed. He went to sleep ok but woke up at 12:45 and was a combination of "Soprano" like angry and wee baby sad about not getting a sippy cup. We delt with 35 minutes of crying... consoling of course, sittin with him, etc. but he finally passed out and stayed that way till morning. We'll see what tonight brings.
~ a bit of an evil grin
~ the basics, f.t.l. boxers and groovy sox... no really, they're cool.
~ the pale green cuffed pants
~ captain micro fiber shirt (I'm really liken this shirt... must get more.)
~ ug... working like a banshee today... omg I'm busy at work these days.
~ watching Big Brother II tonight... ready?
~ get a new microphone for my office pc... must use more voice mail!
~ I could just spend a couple of days doing nothing but phoning my lj buds... I mean, I can't afford it, in time or money but when I do call a bud, I feel great after...geez... this is so at odds with my normal patterns... I normally dispise talking on the phone...
~ that some good news comes to my pall in South Africa...
~ I could sneak away to Toronto this August...
~ there was some way to properly express to my friends how wonderful and important they are without sounding like a big dolt... ok, so I'm not that big...

I trolled through happyjosie's journal last night... man is that cute. (Mateo's new baby's journal)

Hey that Big Brother II thing... hahahaha... this is gonna rawk guys... even if you hate the idea of the show... there will be a wealth of material there.
~ they have a hot tub this time... as well as the "endless lap pool",
~ there's a waterbed... only one!
~ there's a special segregated, small, private bed room.
~ there's a glass see-through wall separating the boys and girls bed rooms
~ they will have to compete (read: fight) for food...
~ and reading the losers bio information… for every "favorite" thing one person lists… you can count on another listing the same dam thing as a "least favorite", let alone a guy that call's Ron Regan his "hero"!!! haha…
~ oh and there is some serious eye-candy in this crew…

I do not want to become obsessed with this show… I do not want to become obsessed with this show… I do not want to become obsessed with this show.

Oh, and I read something at (formerly about the network making you pay??? For live feed connections? I haven't fully looked into that yet… I'll let ya know.
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