Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Holy soakers batman... I walked out of the office... hopped on the first buss and road it across town to the "buss office" ... to buy a new July buss pass... eak... a bit late yes...

Got off the bus in the wind... bought the pass, and came out of the office into TORRENTIAL RAIN... oh my god it was incredible... really kinda cool actually. Just buckets and buckets of rain... hmmm... reminds me of something lakme said the other day... about buckets of something... :D

well, after the bedtime rituals with the kiddies... I'm off to my mom's house to get her new (finally) computer setup ...

Later lj..

oh, I almost forgot.. I got a call from Dr. Chopchop's office... seems there are no none nadda zip zilch lil'swimmers in me... the desired result of having a doctor poke a hole in my bag and chop away at me seems to be in effect. Spermless semen... I officially shoot blanks... I guess all my mistresses can stop taking the pill finally. (hey! It could happen... :D)
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