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Up and down... emotionally, down maintains and inverse relationship with up. The higher the up, the lower the down. When it's the generic 'glums' it's a drag but u gotta admit that everyone goes there and we learn to suck it up or you prol'y wont be able to hack the long haul. When it's your heart... that's the worst. Up feels so dam good ... and down is just not so doable, not like the 'glums'.

I love my friends so much - at least it feels that way! - and wish them such good vibes... (yes I am actually the doctor guy on 'power puff girls' and can dispatch the forces of good where ever they are needed - insert ppg theme music here...)

The question is... would you trade the ups away to avoid the deep downs?
I know I wouldn't and I've had my share of way-deep-downs.

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