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'mornin Lj...

Today started kinda rough… but given enough coffee, and general frustration management I should be able to climb aboard some sort of happy box car by lunch? I have soooo much to do today it's pathetic… yea long weekends - make for hellish short weeks. Thank god for working women eye candy to get your head out of a hole…
~ f.t.l. boxers and gray patterned sox
~ The pale green dress pants with the cuffs.
~ Company logo golf shirt.
~ hush puppy shoes (comfy)
~ a little D&G...
~ to write a costs related document for the bank - who is currently refusing to pay us (work stuff)... part of a normal negotiation process... "you owe us for 40 days!" "no, it's covered in the service contract." "ok we'll settle for 30 days..." meanwhile, I have to write up a bunch of crap...
~ to get my groove back...
~ today started differently...
~ that baby steps help my friends as much as they helped me...
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