Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ big wooly sock on my tongue
~ giant 10 ton weights on my eyelids
~ F150 pickup truck on my shoulders...
~ oh, and nice fresh white sox on my feet.
~ to take a shower for the rest of the morning...
~ to escape the bonds of a headache...
~ to sell my children ... o.k. maybe not...
~ that Kym follows through with that interview of the other radio station
~ it would warm up again.... (brrrrr)
~ I could live out a couple of depraved fantasies ... and soon. :D

I like that song... drops of jupiter (train)... just thought I'd mention that. Oyi! I need a shower. Hey, I never mentioned... I got this talk sender message from my cutie chiqueta Lydia (ly) all in spanish... it was sooo sexy... I could dig getting bitched out as long as it was in spanish...

errrggg... I gotta go have a shower... Later Lj.
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