Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

g'mornin Lj

~ sweats...
~ really ugly green (lime!) t-shirt
~ umm... that's it...
~ to get the kids dressed and maybe clean up a bit...
~ with all of my heart... with all of my self... that my friend kath is fine puts on a new pair of panties soon.
~ that there was some way to go to um... hamilton.
~ and oh, this is a biggi... I wish upon a star that the hearts of my pals kelli and gina are strong enough to hold soooo much love, and powerful enough to carry that love across the big water.
~ and just one more little wish... My new friend... a friend of an old friend... I mean, ok, they're both young... forget this "old" thing... but any ways... I'm getting off topic... dang it! I mean my friend dang_it is who I'm talking about... wow... I am so confused... bottom line: megan? I hope your weekend is stellar... full of happiness and relaxation... any chances?
Take care.

Ok, I need a shower... I need coffee... I need to get fu... oh wait a sec. we'll talk about that later.

peace yo!
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