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Ok so I'm back and try'en to reply to my LJ zone... but I gotta git again... going to tour a totally cool 'server hosting facility' ...

I'll be back tonight.

ps. Quicky BB Update:
I nabbed this off the trani's from the live feeds and I just had to 'share'...

The Scene: The HWs are getting into a game of croquet and eddi comments to Elmer:
The quote:
* George you've got dog poop on your shirt.

* Oh dang... Dat must be frum layin in da yard
... geez Elmer, you are a total poop magnet. So the whole team are magnets:
Josh : Planet Teen Magnet Boy (nobody needs that explained eh?)
Elmer: (See above)
Lipgloss: MaxFactor Magnet (how the hell does all that make-up stay on?)
Eddi: Pug Magnet (he abuses the dog enuf to make it just love the shit out of him... dog owners know what I mean...)
Curtis: Brain Magnet (only person that ever "gets it" - "it" being anything requiring an analytical cycle or two)
Cas: Cam Magnet (she thinks she's gonna be banished 'cause she feels the cameras are following every little thing she does - more so than any other time on the show)

Anyways... not much happened last night 'cept for the croquet, money talk and, of course, Elmer's quest for gold... dig dig dig dig dig... (I simply cannot believe the other HWs have not called him on this totally stupid idea that theres money buried in the yard somewhere.)


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