Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Well it's pretty humid here ... steamy sticky feeling...
I'm in the middle of the whole bath and bedtime routine... and being sticky... I think I'll get the fan out instead of turning on the AC... the deck looks fan-freaking-tastic... I'll post a pic later... but it (the deck) wont be done until Tuesday... no workies on the long weekend.

Ed is three and totally refusing to dig the whole potty training thing... and oh my god can that boi crap! The toxic waste dump masquerading as a diaper that I hauled off him before the bath was so amazingly horrible that it actually crossed the line over to humorous... I remember when the boiz were wee babies... like the first few months... and changing a poopie diaper was TOTALLY NOTHING... a little streak or perhaps a Hershey kiss compared to the loads three square meals can produce...

Meanwhile... George - who has had a totally jam packed social calendar today (visiting friends, swimming, etc.) is totally at his wits end... and now, after a reserved 1 then a postponed 2 and finally a "I tried not to get there" 3 is sitting on the stairs bawling his eyes out... for threatening to end the life of his little brother over the fact that Ed has touched... let alone played with the lego toys he (george) left out...

He has a bit of an asthma condition so crying becomes this horrific pathetic coughing, bawling, stammering scene... all designed (believe me here... I am not an evil monster) to get me to cave in... any ways... his 5 minute Time Out is just about up so I'll post and tell you about my trip to the clinic later...

word 'em up homeslice... (sheesh I love that little say'en... can you just see my hand gesture as I say that... :D)

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