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Morning Lj...

Hey... I've got a ready-set-go feeling inside today... sort of a "seething energy just under the surface" sensation... It's a gray and cool'ish morning, looking a bit like it's going to spend the whole day slipping in and out of drizzling rain.

So the picture! I decided on a bit of a whim that I'd stop checking ... now this is a stretch for me... I have been - so far - stopping in my office, just before heading downstairs to make coffee, etc. and spending a few minutes taking the "today picture"... then retaking the today picture... etc. but I'm going to stop looking to see how the picture came out... this, of course, will make for some dumb ass looking pictures...

~ Ok, this is sad i know, but I am totally re-treading Monday's outfit - yes it's been washed. (and yes, I know it's Friday... jeans day)
~ black f.t.l. boxers and kinda cool gray sox
~ the "my nipples refuse to settle down" micro fiber shirt
~ the pale pale green cuffed pants
~ hush puppy shoes. (my feet were a tad bit pissed at me for wearing those shoes yesterday)
~ to go the bank client first thing today about the invoicing issue... (hence the lack of jeans)
~ to try again to find time to go to that clinic... didn't even get close to being able to go yesterday.
~ if the gods are in my tent today... I'm taking my boiz (the work team) to the movies to see angelina joli do that cone's & gun's thing... We're all kinda saving that hoping to make a "team building" event out of it... yes it is a lot of fun to work for me... :D
~ for a break to come washing over my darl'en pal lizvang. Something wonderful needs to come your way...
~ I could sing... I'm saving money actually (have been for a year now) to take singing lessons... my goal, to be able to grab a mic in a bar on an "open mic" night and sing Wonder Wall (Oasis) and not sound like an idiot... - that would just be fricking great!

Hey, I saw this thing in the paper today ... the P-mate. It's a disposable paper thing that a woman uses to pee while standing up... they're handing 'em out by the bucket load at the big blues fest that's coming to town. (Mathew Good is playing the fest... dig that with a bunch of dates standing around peeing...)

Oh and the movie... "crazy/beautiful" ... this is so sounding like a great movie.

The buss ride is over... I gotta go.. later Lj.

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