Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

k, I'm just say'en ...

I'm .. umm, kinda in a really good mood.

Good things:
~ got good and fresh crack*...
~ the new team thinks I'm cool...
~ my 12 year old niece (megan) introduced me to her friends last night as "the coolest uncle in the universe",
~ I have a monster deck almost finished! at home,
~ at some point today I'm hitting the lj community eroticfantisies for inspiration before my visit to the clinic (gawd! can you believe you read shyte like that in the middle of the day... )
~ I'm listening to really great music...
~ and ... and... it was a wee bit chilly on the way to work today... on the heels of this killer heat wave, peeps were dress'en for more of the warm... I'm just say'en... twas a wee bit nippi out there is all...
~ I love my wife, my kids, my family, hell I even love my extended family, my job (yup, I love this job ... ) and I have an unimaginable capacity to love my lj friends... (you guys cook!)

What the heck else is there? wow.

ps. I'm also kinda kooky special love'en kelliegrrl and sundance... the love those two are experiencing makes my toes curl.

* just in case you totally don't get this, I'm refering to chocolate covered espresso beans... or as nbbmom would say... expresso beans. LOL.

oops... gotta fly... work work work.. hahaha...

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