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Hiya Lj...

I really have to come up with something to feel less goofy about this picture... I'm all trying to be nice and smiley etc... and I'm doing this before my first cup of coffee... I think next week I'm going to make it a week of making faces at the morning cam shot.
~ white company golf shirt
~ dark blue cotton cargo's
~ dem big assed shoes.... and I have this evil sore leg, so the shoes were a mistake today!
~ a bit of a smile.
~ to go to the bank (client) to negotiate payments...
~ to present my team for a new client (another bank) later this morning...
~ to go the clinic at lunch... (hopefully they'll count to zero!)
~ to get my time sheets done... (I hate time-sheet time!)
~ that Rene (glossgirl) gets her main squeeze back in one piece
~ I could go to the TO Lj party in August... mostly 'cause I'd get to be with billij-girl for a bit...
~ for time and opportunity to play with my friend nola... ~wink
~ that I could change the things that so desperately need changing...
~ for strength enough to handle the fact that some things will never change.

hey.. look at this guy;

Yesterday was his last day of school for this year... next year he will be in grade one. We've elected to pull him from the french program... We've discussed it with his teach and we basically think it's driving him nuts... stress wise... he's 5! and I just wont accept that stress is ok for a 5 year old... not when we have a choice. But next year!! He'll be in full time day school.... I'm just floored. wow. It was only a short time ago that I held his slimy little head as he was being pushed out of Zebra... gross maybe but a vivid memory and dam! Look at him grow.

You know, (warning: attempting deep corto) threads like the goofy orgasm one yesterday... serve as small but significant reminders of how much alike we all are... I mean the people in my Lj world are from all over the world and cross a range of age brackets... yet there are so many basic principals we all share and most likely a majority of people in general share. Sure we are all unique and precious individuals but when you get right down to it… there's good reasons why we can all get along so well… You guys fill me with hope and happiness.
{/deep corto over…

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