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Holy cats... it's a beautiful day in my neighborhood... no seriously. wow! It'll prol'y be too hot overall, but still... this is the kinda of a day that just defines how you wish is was when your slogging through 6 feet of snow in the middle of a blizzard in January!

They start building our deck today!!!! I put up a temporary "fixed" camera stand in the back yard - so I can take a series of pictures from exactly the same place... we'll see how that turns out. I'm totally jazzed up for the result... the deck that is. We're going to have my mom's birthday dinner at out house on Sunday - early dinner, letting everyone split to see fireworks (July 1st is the big day in Canada). That should be about 15 peeps for dinner on our new deck!

Look at this picture! hahah... and all I said was "Ed, look up there at the camera and smile..."
~ fresh and clean - and gonna stay that way - f.t.l. boxers!!!
~ long silk black dress
~ red feather boa...
~ dem big-assed shoes.
~ what? people actually read this?
~ to sort out car issues today...
~ to relax about work issues...
~ to go to the Bank (client) and see how things are going...
~ to change something about this morning picture thing... isn't it getting boring?
~ for more time to work on the gallery and "words" part of my web site...
~ that my friend katscan is doing well and healthy...
~ that the time between now and "jimmy in your hands" somehow compresses for my precious friend and power puff girl, blossom-of-burbank
~ and after reading a whole bunch about crime related issues in South Africa, my ongoing wish is for good fortune with teaser

I got a voice mail (talksender) from the chickeeta in mexico! Thanks ly... but I won't hear it until I get to work... something I'm looking forward to...

The car thing? Z spent a while getting all mad a me about it last night, but she got her head around it ... I can dig that she's wicked mad and was lashing out... Husbands make great targets... ever notice that? However, that anger has been redirected and she's going to call all the people I spoke to... If she gets further than I did, great! But I'm not holding my breath. In the mean time, I'm getting the letter writing campaign together (thank you for all the good suggestions yesterday, btw) and gonna take some steps to get the van sold into the dealer auctions...

Note: The bus ride ended there and this is coming to you from my desk� what did I do from then till now? Had a major status meeting about that "bank" client in the patio coffee shop below our building and marveled at the incredible volume of boobage that makes it's way past our building.

Hey, um� ps., you guys really have been so very supportive lately... thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is a unparalleled pleasure to have such great friends.

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