Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morn'en Lj...

No seriously... I read in the paper today that some scientists are seriously proposing that near earth orbits of comets be altered to force the earth into a better, cooler orbit - re: global warming. One of them is a NASA scientist... you know, the people that lost the mars-lander because they didn't convert from miles to kilometers... If this project gets off the ground, I personally give Libya permission to use terror attacks to stop it.

Ok, I wildly overslept today. I remember wishing evil death on the alarm clock... I recall telling Z to shut it off... next thing I know Ed is good-naturedly calling "Daddy, Mommy?" down the stairs... He didn't even look in our room. It was 7:45. I made the 8:11 bus... that now, thanks to a schedule change arrives at 8:13 or something... but regardless, I was at the stop at 8:10. I usually don't shave on Sundays so it's a total necessity to shave on Monday morning... and oversleeping means I have those lines all over my face from the folds in the bed sheets...

~ black f.t.l. boxers...
~ the pale green/grey pants, cuffed... (no they weren't arrested)!
~ he green micro fiber shirt (love love love this shirt... gotta get more like it)
~ grey groovy patterned sox
~ hush puppys
~ to breath normally at work.... work is weird right now.
~ to start a very cautious job search so I'm ready... dig?
~ to get another look at the blonde at the front of the bus...
~ I could live more spontaneously... ha!
~ there was an appropriate way to thank my lj friends for the support they give to me...
~ I didn't have to say what I'm about to say...

(Jessa - faerykisses don't read this.) The two peregrine falcon chicks that were recently born to the peri-mommy living atop a hotel in downtown Ottawa both came to untimely and unfortunate ends this weekend. The story is here. ~ very sad

So about work... all this company lay off stuff and the panic attack that the sales team is in... Essentially I'm wagering that two vp's (there are three) will resign along with the Ottawa Branch pres and that about 10 people that make up the recruiting group will get canned... Then the shit rolls down-hill to the sales org... from there to my neck of the woods... so it's going to take a couple of weeks.

ps. the blonde comment was for the benefit of the brunette sitting beside me reading over my arm...
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