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On the way out the door we were worried things would cost money at kids day. So I have some cash, Z had a ten and we gave Ed three quarters to hold. He has no pockets. He likes to carry coins.

Into the wagon with Ed and Geo on his bike... Z and I are walking with big car-cups of coffee... the sign said "family fun day in the park".

Wow! Big inflated slide... pony rides, soap bubble marathons, races, face painting, temp-tattoos, hot-dogs, cans of pop and juice, music ("Tony & his Music Truck") - And everything was free... no really... couldn't spend money if you tried.

The boiz had a blast... three hours in the sun... Ed, who had 2 hot dogs for breakfast, downed 2 and 1/2 dogs... and a can of root-beer. Lots of bubbles and a basketball court with 100 kids dancing the macarana (sp?).

We finally arrived home... after a small drama with Geo not obeying the rules of the road with his bike... (we had a side-of-the-road-talk!!!) and home.

We come through the door... and Ed is pulling at my shorts... "dad, dad, dad!" I look down and he's trying to hand me something... all three quarters. I was floored. ~ big smile.

Got a gang you want to give something nummy to for dessert?
Dessert cake.
~ 4 eggs
~ 1 cup sugar
~ 3/4 cup oil
~ teaspoon vanilla
Beat the crap out of this... by hand (no mixer required).
In another bowl mix:
~ 1 2/3 cups flour (sift!!!)
~ 2 teaspoons of baking powder
Mix this into the wet stuff. It all gets quit thick.

Pour half of this onto a baking pan. Like a cookie sheet with edges... you might need to use a fork to spread it around. Oh... grease the pan!

30 mins at 325...

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