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So I tried to wake the sleeping zebra... no luck. Ed's fast asleep... Geo's still doing the "Dad? I'm thirsty... Dad? I'm thinking of a bad dream." etc. but he should be asleep soon... I just keep walking him back to his bed... giving him a 2 minute snuggle and saying goodnight... Then I hold the pillow over his face until he passes out... Ok Ok... I don't really but sheesh... it's after 10:!!

I'm just a sittin here with the cam on and working on some HTML stuff for my site and doing some random surfing...

Oh, a note in the paper today about the eclipse in southern Africa yesterday... they pointed out how various governments were reacting... Zimbabwe made a party out of it... another country (I forget which one) made it a national holiday and forbid driving to reduce accidents... and then there was the general observation that the time of the eclipse brought a period of quiet, peaceful calm to a region of the world normally torn by battles, war-lettes, etc.

This reminded me of a part of the book "Childhood's End" by Arthur C. Clark. In this movie the omniscient (is that a word?) beings arrive in the skys above the earth and begin the process of taking over... old story told a million times... but one specific moment in this telling sticks in my memory. The book was written in the 60's (??) and is about a world at the end of the 20th century... the new overlords are busy bringing peace to the planet... but South Africa is a bit of a sticky wicket... so they orbit a giant disk above Africa that blocks out all sunlight from reaching that country as a threat... and "... finally, with the threat of perpetual darkness looming, the black government of South Africa agrees to stop the systematic oppression of the white minority and peace finally comes to this nation." (this is a terrible paraphrase I am sure... )

In the mail tonight I received another post card... this one from caroline75 on her trip to Chicago. Thank you so very much for thinking of my family and I... I am getting quite a groovy collection of post cards from the travels of my Lj buddies... :D <--- very very big smiling corto.

side note: there is also an lj user named junebug but I don't know her.

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