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bb update
after 48 hours of near insanity among the house guests, and me ... reading all the transcripts and watching all this totally goofy stuff go down, I really only have one decent quote to wrap it all up with:
(the scene: HGs sitt'en around while they - one by one - go into the Redrum to tell BB they're walk'en on Wednesday) the following is quoted from the bbfanclud 'live feed transcipts board:
(Sun, 10:46pm) "Eddie says for sure Romer will be firing all the casting crew."
I am acking to type till I'm all knuckle and no finger-tips given all the canon fodder they've thrown at us lately and I will ... tomorrow.

something to keep in mind: As the HWs (half-wits) were busy being brainwashed by elmer fudd into some form of a psychosis - actually believing that they'll get to split the big money if they walk as a group???????? (now picture a full page of "?"s) - BB was assigning their next weekly challenge.

They all have to be able to juggle for 1 minute each (they get two? dropped balls as 'gimmies').

So, anyways, they've all recently concluded that they're walken on Wednesday so they say (and I quote) "Lets fuck the new guys... 50%" talking about how the house will be full of alternates...

Now, they renegged (thankfully) on the totally stupid concept of all leaving - so far, but things are rather stupidly dynamic lately - and it dawns on them that they now have to learn how to juggle!

And another note: I checked the live feeds today around 3:30 EST and there was Elmer in the garden with a shovel (?) digging shit up and saying to Cas - theres cash here somewhere. Linus is still looking for his blankie (dig dig dig dig).

(ok now I'm getting stupid... with the 'short' update... )
Joy of all joys... how evil r u? do you enjoy seeing your enemies suffer? how bout reviled strangers? A banner flys today that says "Jamie Brit knows you are 2 faced". Jamie suffers... for a little while, then when eveyone is outside looking pensive - obviously feeling sorry for her - they enquire as to what she's thinking about... Her reply has to do with "r u supposed to put egg shells in a compost". I now completely understand the term "vacuous".

Anyways... Curtis, literally just got back from the emmy's so I'm off to find out wassup.

(DO NOT EAT PRES. CHOICE SWEEDISH MEATBALLS WITH Lady Diana SAUCE and not expect to clear a room with every burp.)

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