Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Lj Birthday Babies...

If you don't know ladyfire let me give you some fast facts;
~ This bostonian bombshell has a drop dead sexi tattoo on her... um...
~ She's a single mom of two and earns the cape she hides under her mild-mannered-business woman's clothes every day!
~ her love... "the norway" is so far away... it almost breaks my heart to think about how hard it must be to be patient across such great lengths.
~ her turn of the century home (I think her gran lived there) is haunted... (or a neighbor kid has redish-orange glowing embers for eyeballs set strangely far apart for a child)
~ she looks remarkably delicious in faded blue jeans and a black sweater
~ lisa also has a groov'en snse of composition in photography... made obvious in the many pictures in her journal from trips to Norway....
~ all in all, this is one special woman and she deserves the very best wishes I can manage for the next year .... may all your hopes and dreams come true for you sugar... and if not all ... well at least a few of the ones that count!

Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you... happy birthday dear lisa, happy birthday to you.

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