Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

little shots...

a few points that linger in my head... as I try to get my head around feeling a little off today.

~ the fact that some women can walk to work from the bus stop wearing an outfit that would easily fit inside a kindersurprise egg is just fantastic... even a really great looking guy could not possibly imagine doing this... I mean, to work ... right?

~ what good is a tattoo if you don't get a rise out of your lover slowing licking it?

~ I have amazing restraint ... is that a bad thing? Do I get walked on and not notice cause I'm too busy being patient?

~ I'm addicted to love... (sorry for not properly tipping my hat to Robie Palmer) ... it swells in my heart and finds release in the most unlikely places... besides the obvious places, like loving my Lj friends...

~ I'm trying desperately to think of someone I actually hate... I can only come up with that evil bitch that hit me with a picket sign like 8 years ago... (I kinda refused to strike with my fellow civil servants...) but other than that? And don't get me wrong... I really outta hate a few peeps... but ... try as I might... hmmm...

~ I'm pretty sure if they gave me a 10K raise, I'd agree to wear a shinny gold faux-snakeskin uniform at work... I mean everyone else would have to as well... it'd look incredibly stupid... but I can't help thinking it'd be fun... in a Salt-n-Peppa kinda way. "Lets talk about sex baby, Lets talk about you and me, Lets talk about all the good things ... "

~ hitting a child only teaches the child to hit.

~ hitting an adult only teaches the adult to kick the shit out of you.

~ I love you. No, really I do.

~ has anyone seen my pills?
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