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ok... lets get this going...

See that? See that face... the smile... not bad eh. I can fake anything. hahaha... actually it's not so bad. I'll explain in a bit - later in a friends only post. Today starts with high winds... darkened skies and rain that starts after I leave the house running for the bus stop... and mysteriously ends after I board the bus!! Now it's sunny... This is rather prophetic don't you think? Sorta like my own little storm cloud. Well phuque you cloud boi... you can't win. I am definitely in one of those "defiant, never surrender kind of moods.

~ ok, it was cold and windy when I woke up... so the favorite long sleeve comes out.... the orange stripe.
~ f.t.l. boxers ... with no buttons!! :D
~ dk blue cotton cargo's ... if it gets hot... off come the legs..
~ white sox and "dem shoes" (yes, running up the street with these stupid shoes is a real work out.
~ nothing... I just need to get through today and see how strong I feel tonight.
~ I could be sure a certain blue chick didn't feel bad... you ought not to you know.
~ I had a short sleeve shirt on. (and to think, I almost wore a sweatshirt... yikes).
~ some things about relationships were a lot easier... in fact, I suspect that maybe they are for some people... but not for me.
~ my friend mauracelt all the strength she needs to win the day with her current challenge.
~ whoever brought this challenge to maura would come to my journal... I'd love hear what the hell you were thinking!
~ for happiness to infect the delicious Wang-Tu Clan Dance Troop* leader lizvang

Holy crap! My bus is just getting downtown... the sun is blazing, the sky is clearing and it's fricking hot like crazy.... omg! I'm gonna be out buying another shirt by lunch! (crap)

Just a quick note about George: poor guy is not loving going to the sitters house. He only goes for the morning (school in the pm) and he only goes once a week (he goes to my moms house the other day that Z works). He woke up today and stubbed his toe. Ed climbed into be with Geo and wanted to cuddle but ended up giving him a head but. Then Geo scrapes his leg getting down from the breakfast table... en-route to the door to go to the sitters... he looks up at me as he walks by with a very stern face and pronounces "I am having a very bad day!" and shuffles down the hall... Poor guy. So my last wish for today...
~ that my boi, George, has a much better day!

* yes I'm just being silly.

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