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oooooo... little red arrows! cool. This day is just cooking Lj.

First: I have new friends and i wanted to say hi to Kathy (dustspeck) and to quirky_me (who's actual name I do not yet know... hint hint...). a big hello!!!! to you and I hope you don't regret linking up with a nut bar like me...

Ok, next! I'm seconds away from a conference call where these clients are gonna try to rip my nuts off (ok, yes, that's figuratively... sheesh... it's just a phone!) and that, of course, will be fun - mostly because I get a kick out this work... really I do.

and ... on the home with kids front: I posted something on this topic in the community mommymilitia (if you're not a member and have kids... um, why not?) But it has to do with sibling rivalry and aggression...

Note: this song title is a repeat but I fixed it for my palrad-the-man-with-the-music-info-iskull
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