Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


I'm sitting on my crummy back porch * watching Ed and the kids next door play with the bubble maker gun...

Not since Clumsy Carp have so many bubbles held their constitution.

Basically, I'm wasting time before having to take Ed for a bath.

Dinner was bbq hamburgers (1lb of hamburger meat, a handful of breadcrumbs, an egg, spices, a chopped and caramelized onion, pressed into fat patties ... yum.)

George is still with the friend that he went to the movies with... he'll come home hungry, testy, and tired. I prey they get to sleep quickly tonight.

ps. Cam Question: any idea of what software I might use (share or free ware) that will record an mpeg or avi from my 3com cam? I know the tevo software lets me issue "streaming" video... but how can I record it?

Oops, here's george … come home… happy and hungry. Hmmm, well bath time! And well see how long "happy" lasts… not that I'm being negative, it's just that the boi needs food to maintain his composure.

* New "big" deck is being built in two weeks... I want to take a series of pictures ... you know, the pictures taken from the same spot several times over the course of the construction to create a mini-time-lapse thing...

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