Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

BB Update
There must be text books that university students pay too much for already in existence that fully and completely predict and describe the events the are today unfolding in the big Brother House at studio city (CBS).
I am of many minds on how to describe this...
for example:
1. Georges' master plan is now in full swing. He has convinced the other HGs that a mass walk out is in order as a means to WIN the battle they are in with BB.
2. CBS, during a mysterious 15 minute black out of the live feeds, has arranged the ultimate viewer head fuck and it is now taking the form of a total and complete 'apparent' sabotage of the BB show vis a vie the HGs planning a walk out for this comming wednesday.
3. A mass hystaria has gripped the HGs. Poor interpretations of incomplete messages sporatically delivered via megaphones, airplane banners and orchistrated interviews for the HGs has fed the HGs efforts to understand their situation... they have yet to do so and are now running down the path to complete obscurity - or perhaps ignoble fame as the worlds stupidest people.

I am holding out hope for two things... 1. one or more of the HGs will execute his or her own master plan to turn on the popular decision of the group, and 2. CBS will be pulling out all stops to blow these peoples minds and turn them on each other.

Note: there was some quotes from someone at Endomol Ent. Inc. regarding a plan to get the HGs to "turn on each other".
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