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Hiya Lj...

As I sit here... at home, writing this entry... the sky is filling with forbidding blackness... a breeze is turning all the leaves upside down - a sure sign of rain. We will be getting a wicked storm... oooohhh... there was a lightening strike in the distance...

Today has been very busy ....

~ my big orange t shirt
~ my comfy cargo shorts - well they were pants until I unzipped the legs... hehe...
~ to say "goodbye" to geo as he heads off to see "Atlantis" with a school friend - chaperoned by that friends daddy... (yea us!)
~ to rush outside and clean off the porch before the rain starts...
~ to write until my fingers are numb ... write to my friend lucynda... who needs some guidance... and needs it soon. - that doesn't mean I have the right words ... but some guidance would be in order for sure.
~ to write an appropriate Lj message to a wonderful journaler - enraptured - for her birthday.
~ I had words of value for lucynda
~ I could sell the kids (hahaha... ok, just kidding)
~ I had a faster processor and mother board in this computer!

today I got to sleep till 10:00 wowowowow yum! As usual, I got a headache from sleeping too long (I can't really deal with more than 6 hours of sleep ... MAX... 5 is more my cup of tea.

Geo had a little friend over to play today... he's also 5 years old and he's a pretty cool little kid... He knew exactly when to run to his little carry bag and grab a lacteez pill (lactose intolerant) and his swim suit (for water play in the yard) is a FULL BODY SUIT made from this light groovy material ... but does not require sun block! wowsers... good concept.

Z had a rough go of it today... she slept way too long and her back hurts... and she just was having zero luck this morning.. spilled milk! actually dropped a plastic cup of choco milk that went straight down... so it kinda exploded straight up (milk on the ceiling) - big mess.

We have this "gun" that you plug a bottle of bubble blowing stuff into and with batteries... you pull the trigger and presto! bubble city... no I mean a billion bubbles... really kinda bizarre. The whole of the neighboring yards were filled with bubbles...

So listen... I'd post a quick pic from a friend from last night... but I'm getting permission first... it is fricking adorable... not unlike her actually.

We received a package in the mail the other day. A big package of ScoobyDoo stuff... and comics and read'ers... Such perfect timing it's almost eerie. Geo was just complaining about not having new stories for bed time... and now we have a whole set of mini mysteries for him to solve while we read... very fun.

And this is only half of it.... there's a mini Scooby Doo Mystery Mobile cardboard mini-van and a mystery solver kit... and a bunch of other books that are at his grandmothers...

All of this curtsey of the wondrous and super Kristy kristylicious via her connections at Warner Brothers... Our whole family talks about Kristy (daddy's friend in sunny California) and her little man Zac. Postcards, presents and fabulous advice... shyte people, I don't have real world friends as good as this woman!! I am forever reminding myself that I am one lucky duck!!! (quack quack)

ps. I had a great - albiet quiet - night last night... I really dig doing the chat / cam thing. I really do have great people for friends in Lj land... Even if some of them (hi Kathleen) can't forget my earlier stupid days in Moe's JenniCam forum.
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